Thursday, May 27, 2010

Save Money On Auto Insurance

Do you need to save money on auto insurance? You can get lots of ideas about how to save more money.

Everybody I talk to is trying to cut down on expenses and put away more money these days. With lower savings account interest rates, market troubles, high credit card rates, and everything else that is going on, it is no wonder that consumers are loooking for a way to cut bills!

One monthly expense that most of us have is our car insurance premium. Do not think that every insurer will be alike. There are ways to cut your bill. Get some quick tips that may save you hundreds of dollars, or more, a month.

Understand that I would nevr tell anybody to give up the best policy coverage to save a few dollars. Cutting down on coverage can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Do you need comprehensive insurance? Do not be too quick to cut out coverage just to save money. Many agents will tell you to just keep your liability after your car is paid off.

But that will only pay off the "other guy" if you have an accident. Without comprehensive or collision coverage, you may have to pay a lot to repair or replace you car. You need to be sure you can afford to replace your transportation before you eliminate any coverage your current policy has.

It will be worth it if you take some time comparing insurance. It is not possible to guess which life changes will change your premiums.

The insurer that worked so well for you last year may not be the best one today. This could be because of your own situation, like the addition of a new driver or different car. Your rates could also be affected by some policy or market changes to the marketplace or your particular insurer.

You may think that all insurers are the same, but this really is not true. Even though they may calculate rates on some of the same basic things, they weigh them differently. The company that offers a great rate to a forty year old may be very expensive when you try to add a teen driver to your policy. If you just got a rate increase, it is time to do some car insurance shopping!

It is not hard to compare auto insurance quotes either. You can find many online forms that offer plan comparisons. All you have to do is key in your information once. Then you can sit back and examine competitive quotes from top insurers in your area. You can spend less in a short time.

The competitive quotes can help you pick out a better policy. If you are not sure about them, you could print them off and show them to a local insurance agent for more help. Either way, the more you know, the better off you will be when you are trying to buy the best coverage.

These days it pays to be a careful and frugal shopper. Since almost all drivers need insurance, this is one good place to start when you are trying to save money.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Car Insurance For Young Drivers - How to Decrease the Cost of a Premium

By Insurance Articles

Can You Find Affordable Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

One of the only things that is tougher than getting a teen or young adult trained to be a good driver, is to get them insured at an affordable price. Insurers see teens and young adults as high risk drivers, and young males are even judged more harshly than young females. This is not an arbitrary judgement, but it is a judgement that insurance underwriters reach after keeping years of statistics on the amount of claims that are made because of younger drivers. As a group, drivers under 25, just tend to be a higher risk group. So insurers may charge more to insure them.

Teens and Young Adults Have Strengths Too

A younger driver does not have to be a bad driver. Think about the strengths that teens have over their middle aged parents. It is likely that their reaction times and eyesight are better. All they lack, really, is experience in real world driving situations. They may also tend to lack a bit of caution Because of this, more teens are bound to make mistakes than older and more mature and experienced drivers.

Discounts for Young Adult and Teen Drivers

Here are some things a younger driver can do to make up for a lack of experience and maturity.

  • Drivers Education Classes - These classes combine classroom an vehicle training from a qualified teacher. They should also include sessions on alcohol and drug awareness. They do help, and since insurers recognize this, many companies offer auto insurance discounts for students who complete a drivers education class.

  • Good Grades At School - Since your young.driver lacks any driving history of their own, they may demonstrate responsibility in another way. Some insurers offer a discount for students with a B average or better. The statistics on accidents that these companies keep show that students with better grades tend to show more responsibility about other things too.

  • Keep Up A Good Driving Record - As time passes, and a younger driver simply goes without an accident or traffic violation, rates will drop.

Family Discounts That Help Find Lower Rates for Younger Drivers

Of course, it is probably easiest to get better rates by including the younger driver on the family auto policy. Discounts that the whole family gets will help keep rates more affordable. Many insurers offer discounts that will apply to everybody on a family policy.

  • Multiple Policy Discounts - Many insurers offer a discount for multiple vehicles or drivers. In addition, insurance companies that offer home and car insurance will often offer a discount for different lines of business.

  • Safety Discounts - Premiums are also set by the type of vehicle. Some are just considered safer than others. Insurers even consider factors like how likely a specific model of car is to get stolen. Auto safety and anti-theft devices are also common. If you are shoppng for a new vehicle these are things to consider. If you have a car already, you may want to see if you can install an anti-theft device to bring rates down and make that car more secure.

Liability Only Auto Insurance

One solution to very high premiums may be to purchase an older vehicle. If you can pay cash for the car, you can just buy liability insurance. If you owe money to a lender, that lender will probably force you to purchase collision and comprehensive insurance too. Sometimes they even require GAP insurance, and this is an extra expense. This solution does not work out for everybody, but it is something to consider.

Find The Best Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

It can take forever to call around for the best rates and policies for your family. We make it simple to compare insurance quotes with our online competitive quote forms!

Learn more: Under 25 Auto Insurance.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Are Car Insurance Discounters Always Cheaper?

You may be struggling to pay lots of bills these days, including car insurance premiums. It is tempting to find a so-called discount company because rates will be lower. But are car insurance discount companies cheaper?

In my opinion, they may offer better rates in some situations, but many consumers who have a more complex situation may actually do better with the established major companies. In my opinion, you need to shop around for the best car insurance company for you, and for your family.


An online form that will allow you to enter you information one time will save you a lot of time, allow you to compare multiple companies, and in the end, save you some money too. Of course, you won't save money in the long run if you lack good coverage, so make sure you get top quality policies from companies you trust.

Internet Auto Insurance Quotes -- FIll out a fast, safe, and free online form, click the submit button, and get ready to save time and money.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reduce Auto Insurance Rates

If you are a driver, you probably need to buy auto insurance! Every US state has a law requiring a proof of financial responsibility to drive, and for most of us, that means we need to have an auto insurance policy. We cannot cut out insurance,but we can do our best to reduce it!I want to write some great tips to reduce your bill.

You can control the cost of car insurance.

They come from a variety of sources, Consider raising your deductible. Your rate difference between a $250 deductible and a $1,000 deductible will amount to hundreds of dollars in savings every year. keep in mind that will need to pay that amount out of your pocket if you do need to make a claim. But smart consumers think it would be better to save your money in an account in case of an emergency. You can even eget returns on the extra dollars instead of just pay an insurance company.

Find multi-policy discounts. Most companies will reward their clients for giving them all of their business. Buying car and homeowners insurance, or more than one car will usually earn you a substantial discount.

Look for insurance companies who want customers like you.. A driver may have a great driving history, and that will earn her a big discount with company A. But maybe this woman'scredit score is not very high, and that may bet her penalized with company B. Major insurance companies have their own rate charts, and you need to find the one that works for you!

By the way, compare for the best prices. Auto coverage is an active business. We may all need coverage, but we know that dozens of insurers are all competing for that business. You can find many convenient online quote forms that can save you time and money by allowing you to fill in your information one time, and then sitting back and letting companies come to you with offers! You probably do need to pay for auto insurance, but you do not need to pay too much!

Got a young driver to insure? Look for tips on finding under age 25 car insurance too!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Need Help Finding Affordable Car Insurance?

If you are a driver who has had a few accidents, a very safe driver, or a young driver with no driving history, you may need help finding the lowest car insurance rates for your own unique situation. We have been scouting out some of the best car insurance quotes, plans, and tips!

  • Car Accidents Insurance - Drivers with an accident or two in their recent history may have experienced a rate increase, even if the accidents were not their fault. However, you can find ways to offset those dings to your driving record with some companies.
  • Car Insurance For Teenagers - Young drivers have a hard time catching a break because they do not have their own driving history. So they get lumped in with their age group, and that age group is judged to be inexperienced and impulsive. But you can still find some price breaks for many things.
  • Car Insurance Discounts - We have listed some of the most common auto insurance discounts you may not be getting from your current insurer. Do you like overpaying for insurance? We didn't think so!
We all need to cover ourselves, or our family, when we operate a vehicle. But all insurers are not the same, and by shopping the local carriers, you may find a better deal.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finding Top Car Insurance

We found a good article on how to find top car insurancewhere you live!

Insurers use different factors to calculate rates, so you need to look at the type of driver you are, and find an insurer who suits you! Online car insurance company quote forms can speed up your search, and we like this BBB approved one: Best Car Insurance Quotes.

Some things to think about when comparing auto insurance rates:

  • Your Driving History

  • The Type of Car You Drive

  • How You Use Your Car

  • Your Credit Report

  • Where You Live

  • Your Age

Now, go get some discount auto insurance quotes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Does Your Business Need its own Car Insurance?

Personal Insurance vs. Commercial Car Insurance

I have been noticing that many self employed people rely on their own car insurance, and that includes business owners who allow employees to use their car for work! Sometimes, even, the employees will use their own cars for this work. But isn't this risky?

Well, a lot of financial professionals think it is risky to rely on personal car insurance for business. Consider this: Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance? The important thing is to check out your current policy. A small business auto policy does not need to be expensive, and it may be something you cannot afford to be without.

Also see: Do I Need Small Business Automobile Insurance?